How To Minimize the Screen On iPhone?

How To Minimize the Screen On iPhone

In today’s world, the minimize the screen on iPhone has become a necessary tool and it plays a part in virtually every aspect of life. Whether it’s for communication, education, personal assistance, productivity, or entertainment, we depend on these pocket-sized marvellous gadgets to manage the ever-expanding array of tasks. 

Fortunately, the iPhone has a great and effective solution for multitasking. It offers a customizable and handier interface. The screen minimization option makes the experience likeable. This feature enables you to use your iPhone in portrait mode comfortably. 

Some users find it difficult to minimize their screen. This is because it might be challenging if you are not familiar with the settings of your phone. 

In the following guide, we will explore how to minimize the screen on the iPhone to enhance your phone experience. 

What Is Reachability Mode In iphone?

IPhones are getting bigger and this makes it difficult to reach the top display comfortably. 

It has become hard to operate the control panel or check notifications with one hand. In simple words using an iPhone single-handedly is difficult. 

To tackle this situation iPhone users have started using the ‘Reachability’ feature. It is one of the most useful features of the iPhone that put a stop to this problem. You can find this feature under the ‘Accessibility’ section on your iphone. It helps you instantly minimize the screen. This will enhance your phone experience as now you can access the control panel and notifications with one hand. 

In other words, this feature takes or uses half of the screen to display the content, and the other half remains blank. Iphone users use this feature to use their smartphones single-handedly. 

 One can minimize the screen using the ‘home button’ and ‘Face ID’ (Note: This feature was not available in iPhones before iPhone 6).

How To Enable Reachability Mode in iPhone

How To Enable Reachability Mode in iPhone
How To Enable Reachability Mode in iPhone

If you are looking for the answer on how you can enable “Reachability” then follow the below steps and enhance your experience.

Step 1

Go to your iPhone settings. 

Step 2

Now, scroll down and select ‘Accessibility’.

Step 3

Tap on ‘Touch’ present at the bottom of the ‘Physical and Monitor’ section. 

Step 4

Now, hit the toggle to enable ‘Reachability Mode’.

Welldone! You have successfully enabled Reachability mode on your iPhone.

Once you have enabled the reachability, you can now easily minimize your iPhone screen. You can read the following section to learn about how to minimize your iPhone screen.

Now you are good to go. After enabling the ‘Reachability’ feature successfully you can easily minimize the iphone screen.

Simple Methods to Minimize the Screen on iPhone

Simple Methods to Minimize the Screen on iPhone
Simple Methods to Minimize the Screen on iPhone

After enabling the” Reachability” mode in your iPhone, one can immediately minimize the iPhone screen by using two different methods.

1. Minimize the Screen on your iPhone with your Face ID

The first method to minimize your screen on an iPhone is with the help of face ID. To minimize your iPhone screen using Face ID, you have to swipe down from the top of the screen. Once you swipe down, the display will be shortened.

2. Minimize the Screen on iPhone using the Home Button

The next option you can use to minimize your iPhone screen is to use the home button.

The steps to minimize the screen using the home button are quite handy. Follow the below-mentioned instructions and step them as underlined. 

First, you have to gently touch the ‘Home Button’ twice. ( Note: Do not click the button). Instead, you need to give it a light touch. Else, you will go back onto the home screen. 

A delicate and slight touch on the home button twice shortened the iPhone display. Now, you will see your display half-blank.

How To Minimize The Screen On Apple Watch?

If you want to zoom out your screen on your Apple watch, you need to go to ‘Home screen’ and then select settings. Select ‘General’. Afterward, select ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Zoom’. Now choose turn off / on.

How Do I Return to Full Screen?

You can easily go back to the full screen by tapping on the blank part. 

There is one more method to return to the full screen tapping at notifications or an arrow at the screen. If you want to minimize your screen again you need to follow the above-mentioned steps. 


Q1: How To Split Screen On iPhone? 

Ans: You can’t split your screen on an iPhone to use multiple applications at the same time. However, you can use the picture-in-picture mode, which will overlap a video on a different app. 

Q2: How Do You Minimize Your Screen?

Ans: First, you need to enable the ‘Reachability’ feature then try the following methods to shorten or minimize your screen on your iPhone. 

Method 1:

Gently touch the home button twice without clicking it. This will minimize your screen on the iPhone.

Method 2:

You can swipe down from the bottom of the screen to the top half of the screen. (Note: Make sure reachability is enabled).

Q3: How Do I minimize My iPhone 11?

Ans: You can minimize your screen on the iPhone 11 with two methods. Make sure you first turn on ‘Reachability’ mode. 

You can gently touch the home screen button (don’t click) to minimize the iPhone screen.

The other method to minimize the screen is to swipe down from the top of the screen to shorten or minimize the screen.

Q4: How To Return to Full Screen?

Ans: Tap on the blank part or select the arrow at the end of the screen to return to the full screen.


Without any doubt, one can say that iPhones are getting bigger every year. But you don’t have to worry as the ‘Reachability’ mode will help you to manage the screen comfortably. People use iPhones with one hand and that makes it difficult to reach the top of the screen to perform certain functions. Luckily, we have the option to minimize the screen and enhance our iPhone experience.

You can simply minimize your screen with a FaceID or home screen button and use it single-handedly. 

Similarly, you can return to the full screen with just one tap at the blank area notification or arrow at the top of the screen. 

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