Mcdonalds App Not Working: Comprehensive Guide (11 Methods)

Mcdonalds App Not Working: Comprehensive Guide(11 Methods)

Are you hungry and frustrated at the same time because the McDonalds app not working? Let me tell you are not alone, this issue is faced by all of the users all the time. There can be several reasons at your end that may result in the failure or performance of the app. Try the following methods to get to the root cause and resolve it. I don’t want to keep you hungry so let’s just dig in.

Mcdonald’s App Not Working (Android/ IOS)

Mcdonald's App Not Working (Android/ IOS)

Method 1: Restart your Device

The first thing you can do to fix any application issue is restart your device. Turn off your phone (android or iphone) or tablet/iPad. Now, wait for a few seconds. Turn on your device back. This is a simple hack to resolve small issues related to an app or phone/ tablet.

Method 2: Reinstall the Mcdonalds’ App

Method 2: Reinstall the Mcdonalds' App

Reinstalling the app may allow it to run smoothly. First try updating and clearing the cache, if the app still shows any issue, try reinstalling it. Uninstall the McDonald’s application from your phone/ tablet. Then download it again from the App Store  (Google Play or Apple App Store).

Method 3: Check for Updates

Method 3: Check for Updates

Another common issue with apps is outdated software. Go to the app store (Apple Store or Google Play) and confirm if any new update is present in the McDonald’s Application. If there are new updates of the app, download the latest version to get optimal results and performance. This will also eliminate any potential failures and issues.

Method 4: Double Check Your Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity may affect the working of the app. If there are issues with your mobile data or Wi-Fi, it can be a cause behind the issues. Check your internet connection. Make sure you have a stable and stable internet. You may restart your modem to troubleshoot the issue.

Method 5: Turn Off VPN

Are you using a VPN? If you have a VPN service on your phone, it may cause some issues in the app services. You can temporarily disable/ turn off your VPN and see if the McDonald’s Application works fine afterward. 

Method 6: Contact Customer Support

You can contact the customer service of McDonald’s for assistance. You can get the contact information from their website.

Method 7: Check for System Updates

Make sure that your device is running on the latest operating system (latest OS version). Check your device settings for updates.

Method 8: Enable location services

Make sure you have enabled location on the McDonald’s App. This will hopefully resolve the issue. 

Method 9: Sign Out of Your Account and then Sign in Again

Logging out of your account and then logging in again can also fix some corrupt data issues in the app.

Follow the following steps to sign out:

  • Go to your account in the app.
  • Select ‘Profile’.
  • Select ‘Sign out’.
  • Now, return to the app, and log back in.

Method 10: Check for Server Outage

Yes, you read it right. There can be an error in the McDonald’s app. To confirm this, visit the ‘McDonald’s app status page’ on Downdetector. You can also search for this on Google.

Method 11: Clear Application Data/ Cache

If the date or cache of the app is corrupt, it may cause issues in the performance of the McDonald’s app correctly. You need to clear both data and cache to fix the issue.

Mcdonald’s App Sign-in is Not Working

If your mobile application is not working properly you can try methods like restarting your device or logging out and logging back in. There are a few other methods to tackle the issue like checking application updates, internet connectivity, or server outrage.


Q1: Why is McDonald App not Working on iPad?
Ans: If your McDonald’s app is not working on your iPad, try the above-mentioned methods to fix the issue. There are 11 methods: which include clearing application data, checking server outrage, signing out and signing back in, enabling location service and many others.

Q2: Why is My McDonald App Not Working on iPhone?
Ans: There can be several reasons behind the failure of McDonald’s application. At your end make sure you have good internet connectivity, enable location and disable VPN. Other than that you can also update the McDonald’s application or try restarting your device.

Q3: Why cannot I get a McDonald App To Work?
Ans: Try the following methods to make to McDonald’s app work:
● Restart your device
● Reinstall the Mcdonalds’ app
● Check for updates
● Check internet connectivity
● Turn off VPN
● Contact customer support
● Check for system updates
● Enable location services
● Sign out of your account and then sign in again.


I hope the above-mentioned methods will help you to figure out and resolve the issue. If you are not able to resolve the issue with one method switch to the next until you find the solution. Don’t forget you can always call customer service for assistance without any hesitation. 

Enjoy your Meal!

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