How To Keep IPhone Battery Health at 100- Guide 2024

How To Keep IPhone Battery Health at 100- Guide 2024

Maintaining the health of the iPhone battery at its peak performance level is an important concern of the day. If you are wondering how to keep iPhone battery health at 100, consider the following discussed points. Let’s jump to the points you need to keep in mind to maintain your battery health. 

What is iPhone Battery Health?

It is a feature that was added in iOS version 11.3 in the year 2018. To check this feature on your iPhone, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to ‘Battery Health’. This will provide you with basic and useful information about the performance and health of your iPhone’s battery.

With the help of this feature, you can keep an eye on your battery’s health and optimize the performance of your phone. Not only this, it will also give you an idea of when you need to replace your iPhone battery.

This shows battery health in three items or categories on the dashboard: Maximum Capacity, Peak Performance Capability, and a toggle to Optimise Battery Charging.

Maximum CapacityIt is the efficiency of your iPhone battery since it comes out of the manufacturing unit. A battery typically loses its efficiency over time. This explains why old phones have less healthy batteries. Optimal phone performance: between 100% and 80% 
Peak Performance CapabilityWhen you see a message on the dashboard saying that your phone is capable of peak performance, this indicates that your phone battery is working well and you don’t need to replace the battery yet. However, if you find “unable to deliver the necessary peak power” on the dashboard, then you need to replace the battery soon. 
Optimized Battery ChargingToggling this feature will restrict your phone charging to 80% to save the battery. This will also increase the overall life of your iPhone battery. It is an ideal option if you charge your phone overnight. It also turns this feature off when you are planning to travel so that you can charge your battery 100% before the travel.

How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health

To check the health of your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Battery Health’

Now, scroll down and select the battery health option. Now, your screen will display some basic information about the battery. You can also tab to learn more about it. You can also change your battery performance settings here.

How to Keep iPhone Battery Life at 100?

Keep in mind the following points to keep your battery life at 100. Try to avoid things at damaged or shorten the lifespan of your phone. 

Always use Official Apple Chargers 

Always use Official Apple Chargers 

It is advised to use the original Apple charger for charging. Local or low-quality iPhone chargers can damage the health of your phone. Low-quality chargers do charge your phones, but they do not maintain the compatibility of your iPhone’s battery health.

Original chargers and cables can protect against short circuits and power issues, which lowers the chances of damage. 

Avoid Charging and Using Your Phone at the Same Time

Do not use your phone while charging. You can check a message or send a message while your phone is charging. However, don’t play games or watch videos.

Like multiplayer games can cause your phone to overheat which will directly affect the life and health of your iPhone battery.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone Charged Overnight

Don't Leave Your iPhone Charged Overnight

Yes, you heard me right. Do not leave your iPhone on charging overnight. I know many people prefer to charge their phones overnight so that they can get the full battery in the morning when they wake up. However, this leaves a negative impact on iPhone battery health, as it damages battery health and affects its lifespan.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone Without Charge for Too Long

If your battery dies you need to charge your iPhone to prevent battery health damages immediately. 

Try Turning Off Unused Features

Turning off unused features allows you to maintain the battery health of your iPhone. It is recommended to turn off the features that are no longer useful or needed.

You can turn off features like Background App Refresh, Bluetooth, and  Location Settings. 

You can also change the brightness setting of your iPhone to save some battery.

Try to Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Avoid extreme temperatures to maintain the health of your iPhone battery. Extreme temperatures damage and shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Note: Always avoid extreme low and high temperatures.

Keep in Mind

  • Always use a good-quality or original charger.
  • Try to keep your iPhone at room temperature always.
  • Don’t overcharge your phone.


Q1: Does AppleCare+ Cover Battery Replacement?
Ans: If you have AppleCare+ at the time when the battery health of your iPhone drops below 80%, you can get a battery replacement. However, if your phone is out of warranty then you need to visit the nearest repair location or Apple store that provides services. This will cost $89. The charges may vary.

Q2: How Can I Change My iPhone Battery at Home?
Ans: If you want to repair your phone you need an iPhone repair kit ( small screwdrivers, frame separate, etc). However, I would not suggest or recommend you perform any repairing activity at home if you are an experienced technician. Keep in mind that components of the iPhone are delicate and just opening the seal or case can put the phone at risk. 

It is recommended to visit the nearest Apple store and see the repair services to replace the battery.

Q3: How Do I Keep My iPhone Battery Health at 100%?
Ans: Always avoid frequent deep discharges. Go for regular and moderate charges.

Always try to keep your device in an optimal temperature range. Avoid extreme low and high temperatures. 

Always use Apple-certified/ original chargers and cables.

You can enable optimized battery charging in settings to increase the life span of the iphone battery.

Turn off extra features like location services.

Try using ‘Low Power Mode’.

If you are planning to store your phone for a long period, store it at 50% charge.


I hope now you know how to keep your battery health at 100%. I recommend you always avoid deep discharges, optimize charging habits, keep your device at an ideal temperature, and use original charging accessories.  

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