How to Get More Connects on Upwork 2024 Update

How to Get More Connects on Upwork 2024 Update

Are you new to Upwork and wondering how to get more connects on Upwork. I have gathered all the ways possible to get Upwork connects. The following methods will help you get connects to keep your affairs on Upwork active. 

What are Connects on Upwork?

Connects are digital tokens or you can say virtual currency used to perform tasks on the platform. You can also use real money to buy extra connects on Upwork. Freelancers on Upwork use these connects to boost their proposals, availability badges, and proposal bids. 

Why Do You Need Connects? 

You need connects to apply for jobs on Upwork. With more upwork connects you can submit more proposals to the clients which increases the chances of getting a job. A lot of jobs on Upwork demand a certain amount of connects to summit the proposal. You need to have connects to send proposals.

How to Get  More Connects on Upwork

How to Get  More Connects on Upwork

Method 1: Creating a New Upwork Account

Freelancers in the beginning receive 40 connects on Upwork. These connects are a kind of welcoming gift. All new Upworkers receive these 40 connects.

Method 2: Earning the Talent Badge

Upwork freelancers can also get 30 additional connects when they get a rising talent badge. 

To earn this badge you must do the following things:

  1. Complete all the projects on time.
  2. Maintain a 100% complete upwork profile.
  3. Keeping their availability up to date.
  4. Follow all the policies and terms of services of Upwork.
  5. And stay active the past 90 days. Or  joined for about the past 30 days.

Method 3: Complete Upwork Skill Certificate

Upwork is offering Upwork free skill certificates. However, this is offered only through invitations sent by Upwork. If you complete the skill certificate you will receive a one-time free connect bonus.

Method 4: Monthly Connects

By default all Upwork freelancers automatically get 10 free connects every month. These connects are issued on the first day of their billing cycle. 

Basic Program users: 10 connects monthly 

Freelancer Plus users: 80 connects monthly 

Method 5: Winning and Responding to Interviews

Yes, you can get connects by performing well in the interviews with the clients. The number of connects depends on hidden factors.

Method 6: Convert to Freelancer Plus

There is another method to get more connects every month for free. You can subscribe to Freelancer Plus, it by default gives you 80 Upwork connects monthly. You need to pay $14.99 to subscribe to Freelancer Plus.

Method 7: Buy Bundle of Connects

You can buy connects in bulk. However, there is no discount for buying connects by the bundle. Each connect is for $0.15 and the minimum purchase limit is 10.

Method 8: Get a Connect Reward

Sometimes upwork offers free connects to freelancers as part of a promotion for instance a survey or an event. 

How to Buy Connects on Upwork

How to Buy Connects on Upwork

Follow the following steps to learn how to buy Connects on Upwork:

  • Step 1: Open your Upwork account.
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’. 
  • Step 3: Tab ‘Membership & Connects’.
  • Step 4: Choose ‘Buy More Connects’. 

What are the Other Benefits of a Freelancer Plus Subscription

  1. You can see competitor bids on jobs.
  2. You can keep your Upwork earnings confidential. 
  3. You can make a custom URL for your Upwork profile.
  4. You receive extended reports.

How to Subscribe To Freelander Plus

Step 1:

Open your Upwork profile.

Step 2:

Select the profile picture (on the right corner of the display).

Step 3:

Tab ‘Settings’. 

Step 4

Select ‘Membership & Connects’.

Step 5:

Now, select ‘View or Edit Membership’. 

Latest Update On Upwork Regarding Expiration of Connects

Under the latest update, there is no limit or maximum number of connects one can hold. In addition to this, connects expire after 1 year from the date of issue.


Q1: How to Get  More Connects on Upwork for Free?
Ans: There are only a few ways in which you can get connects for free on Upwork. By default, every basic program user gets 10 free connects and Freelancer Plus users get 80 connects monthly. 

In addition to this you can also get free connects by winning an interview, completing an Upwork skill certification, or redeeming a connect reward.

Q2: Can I Buy More Upwork Connects?
Ans: Follow the steps given below to buy connect on Upwork:

Open your Upwork account.

Go to ‘Settings’. 

Select ‘Membership & Connects’.

Tab ‘Buy More Connects’.

Q3: How much is 10 connects on Upwork?
Ans: Each Upwork connect is for $0.15. 10 connects are for $1.50.The minimum purchase limit of connects on upward is 10. This means that you need to buy at least 10 at a time. 


I hope the above methods will help you to learn how to get more connects on Upwork. The process is simple and to the point. Once you have finished your welcome connects you need to buy more connects to send proposals and bids. Don’t forget you can spend some money on buying Freelancer Plus, which by default gives you free 80 connects every month.

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