Sending Money Gram (Comprehensive Guide 2024)

Sending Money Gram (Comprehensive Guide 2023)

Sending Money Gram is an easy and convenient way to send money to your loved ones. You can easily send or transfer money to others using a debit card, mobile wallet, bank account, or MoneyGram location around the globe without any worries.

MoneyGram is a fast, reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient service available online and in location. You can send money from your home (Website or Mobile Application). 

The following article will help you understand and grasp the process involved in sending a MoneyGram. 

What Information Do I Need To Send Money With MoneyGram?

You must have the following details for transferring the money:

  • Your valid ID
  • Receiver’s information
  • the amount you want to transfer/ send

What Are The Options For Sending the MoneyGram?

What Are The Options For Sending the MoneyGram?

Online- officially MoneyGram website.


MoneyGram mobile application. )First, you need to sign up for the MoneyGram account. It is free).

Via MoneyGram agent location.

You can also start the transfer process in the app and pay the amount to the agent.

Sending Moneygram From a Bank Account?

Follow the following steps to transfer the amount online (at the official MoneyGram website) follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your MoneyGram account.
  • Enter the Information of the recipient
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Select the delivery method (like bank transfer, mobile wallet, or cash collection)
  • Now, select how you want to pay the amount you want to transfer e.g., to the MoneyGram agent or debit card)
  • Double-check the details, transfer fees, and amount. Select ‘send’.

Sending Money in Person

You can send money in person at the MoneyGram agent location. For this, find the nearest location first and visit:

  • Visit the nearest MoneyGram agent
  • Don’t forget to take your ID and the amount you want to transfer.
  • First, start the transfer online (website or app), then pay cash in person.
  • Don’t forget to take your photo ID.

Sending Money in the MoneyGram App

Follow the following steps to send money through the mobile application:

  • Download the application- MoneyGram (from the Google Play Store or the App Store).
  • Sign in to your account. Make a new account if you don’t have any MoneyGram account. 
  • Enter your recipient’s information and the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Select the payment and delivery method.
  • Double-check details and select ‘send’.

Sending Moneygram From Walmart

You can send Money inside the Walmart store or any place you find a MoneyGram agent. You can also send the money at the attached link:

Or visit the physical location of the nearest Walmart. Sending-Money-Moneygram-Vs-Western-Union

MoneyGram has a high transfer fee. This means you pay more to transfer the same amount as compared to Western Union. In addition, Western Union has higher and better coverage around the globe.

Send Moneygram Over Phone Number

Step 1:

First, ask and confirm that the receiver has a Visa Debit Card. 

Step 2:

Sign in to your MoneyGram account. 

Step 3:

Select ‘name and Mobile number’ as the receive method. Enter the asked details. Always enter correct and legal information. 

Step 4: 

Select send. The receiver will get a text message after getting the money. 

Send Moneygram Post Office

You can also send a MoneyGram through the post office. Yes, you read it right!

The process is simple. 

  • Visit the post office and get a form for sending a MoneyGram.
  • Confirm the information filled in the form and hand over the amount you want to transfer. Show a valid ID.
  • Send the reference number to the receiver so he can receive the amount.

Send Moneygram To Mobile Wallet

Send Moneygram To Mobile Wallet

If you are looking for the process of sending MoneyGram to a mobile wallet, follow the following step-by-step guide.

-Select the ‘mobile wallet’ the receive method.

-You can also go to a MoneyGram agent to send the amount directly to the mobile wallet of the receiver. 

-Give the required information to send the amount. 

Send Moneygram Via Paypal

This is not considered as an effective option. It is overly expensive and takes a lot of time to complete the process. Don’t worry. You have a lot of other ways to send the MoneyGram (as mentioned in the guide). 

Moneygram Sending Charges

There is a transfer fee for sending money (the receiver doesn’t have to pay any amount). The fee varies according to the method of transfer, the location of the receiver, and the amount. 

Why Exchange Rate is Important

There is an upfront fee applied to the transfer. Always check the exchange rate they offer, as this makes a big difference in the overall transfer fee. MoneyGram adds mid-market markup, which increases the transfer fee. 


Q1: What Information Do I Need to Send MoneyGram?
Ans: Valid ID
.Receiver’s details
.The amount you want to transfer

Q2: Can I Send A MoneyGram From Walmart?
Ans: Yes, you can send a MoneyGram through Walmart. Visit the nearest Walmart or make a transfer online at

Q3: Which is better: MoneyGram or Western Union?
Ans: MoneyGram demands high fees and great markup on exchange rates. You pay more to transfer the same amount of money via MoneyGram as compared to other similar services.


MoneyGram offers a convenient money transfer service around the globe. You have several methods to send money and you can choose the receiving method according to the receiver’s ease. It is advised to check the transfer fee and exchange rate before making the transfer as it may be higher compared to comparative services like Western Union. 

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