Turnitin Login Guide (2024)

Turnitin Login Guide (2024)

Turnitin is a popular tool used by universities and academic institutes to detect plagiarism and citation mistakes from academic documents and text. To log into your Turnitin account, you require the ID provided by the academic institute. Follow the following guide to learn more about Turnitin login.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a tool used to check plagiarism, citation mistakes, inappropriate copying, or AI-written content.

When you submit your content, Turnitin compares the text against its massive database of websites, publications, student work, books, articles, etc.    

What Turnitin is Used For?

Turnitin is used for detecting inappropriate copying of content and citation mistakes. You can use it to detect plagiarism. In addition, it is also used for detecting AI content. This means now Turnitin can detect content generated by AI bots like ChapGPT. 

How is Turnitin Useful?

It is a useful tool or software in the field of academics. This is because it detects similarities, citation mistakes, and AI-generated content. Teachers and professors use it to check the papers of students and find out whether the student has plagiarized the content. 

How Does Turnitin Work?

The process and working of Tunitin is simple to understand. The software detects the matched or similar material of electronically submitted content (like documents) against its database. The database of Turnitin is based on academic publications (books, articles), websites, and even previously submitted documents.

What Turnitin is Used for?

It is used for checking the similarity of the content against its database which includes books, journals, articles, publications, websites, etc. 

It is also used to detect citation mistakes and AI-generated content.

How to Sign up Turnitin as a Student

How to Sign up Turnitin as a Student

Step 1

Open www.turnitin.com.

Step 2

Select the ‘Create Account’, which is present next to the ‘Login’ button.

Step 3

Select the student link.

Step 4

Now, you need to create a new Turnitin student profile. This form is compulsory to fill out to create a Turnitin account as a student.

Step 5

You need to provide your class ID number and enrollment key.

Step 6

Write your first name and last name. Give a valid email address.

Step 7

Create a password for your Turnitin account. The password of your Turnitin must be between six and twelve characters. Always add one letter and one number to make it strong.

Step 8

Now, re-enter your password.

Step 9

Select a secret question from the provided list.

Step 10
Enter your answer to the secret question. 

Note: Make sure you note the answer or remember it.

Step 11

Check the ‘User Agreement’. Select ‘I agree’ to create a Turnitin profile.

Step 12

Now, click on ‘Log in’ and enter your password to open your Turnitin profile.

Is Turnitin Free?

Keep in mind that Turnitin is typically limited to educational institutions and their students. It is hardly possible to get access to Turnitin (for free) as a student outside of an institutional account.

However, there are some other options for you to check for plagiarism.

Following are some of the tools used for checking plagiarism (these are available online)

  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Plagscan
  • Quetext

Keep in mind these tools are used to detect/ check your text or documents for plagiarism by comparing them against its database and online available material.

How to Log into Login?

How to Log into Login?
How to Log into Login?
  1. First, open Turnitin ( http://turnitin.com)
  2. There is a login button at the top right of the display. Select it.
  3. Here, you need to provide your school email address or the email ID you used to sign up for your account and your password.
  4. Select the login button.
  5. That’s all! Now you are on the homepage of Turnitin. 

Turnitin Login ID and Password for Free

Keep in mind that Turnitin is only available to academic institutes and universities. Individual students cannot directly purchase Turnitin subscriptions. Contact your school or university to check if they can give you excess through their license. 

If you are an instructor at a university or school, you can purchase a personal account for around $20 per year. Be aware of third-party sellers who claim to provide you with Turnitin access, this is against the terms of Turnitin. 


Q1: Is Turnitin Free or Paid?
Ans: An individual student cannot directly get access to a Turnitin subscription. If you want to get a Turnitin account check with your institute to see if they can give access under their institutional licence. If you are an instructor at a university or school you need to get a subscription for checking and grading student assignments and papers for around $12 annually.

Q2: How to Sign in to Turnitin?
Ans: If you already have a Turnitin account, just follow the simple steps below to log in:

Step 1:

Open Website of Turniytin (www.turnitin.com) 

Step 2:

Select the ‘Login’ button (this button is present on the top right corner of the screen).

Step 3:

Now, enter your username/ email & password.

Step 4:

Tab ‘Login’.

Q3: Why cannot I log into Turnitin?
Ans: Make sure you are using the right email address to log into your Turnitin account. Always make sure your internet and operating system is supported by Turnitin or not. 

 If you still face trouble logging in, you can contact Turnitin Support to assist you. 

For contacting Turnitin Support click the ‘Get in Touch’ given below.


Turnitin is a useful and popular software for detecting similarity or plagiarism from the academic documents and assignments of students around the world. Not only this, but it also points out citation mistakes. It runs your document or text against its database. Under the recently added feature, it can also detect AI-generated content.

Login into your Turnitin account is easy. However, to make an account, you need a student ID provided by your educational institute. If you do not have a student ID you can try some other popular plagiarism detector software tools available in the market. 

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