What Is Snapchat Plus? A Complete Guide in 2024                                                          

What Is Snapchat Plus? A Complete Guide in 2024                                                          

Are you a crazy user of Snapchat? Do you want to know what is Snapchat plus? Your wait is over. Snapchat introduced its paid version with numerous mind-blowing features, named Snapchat Plus.                                                             

The social network Snapchat Plus facilitates its users’ early way to use all the new features like the fastest chatting and exclusive icons. A lot of users are going to subscribe to this paid service.

Snapchat Plus permits the creator to modify their app interface to have a marvelous experience fully. The added word “Plus” describes that they “consume their quality time to be in touch with their die heart friends on snap.” In this complete guide, you are going to learn all the details about Snapchat Plus.

Android and iPhone users can utilize this service if they are the resident of following countries:

US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Germany, France, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

What Does The Snapchat Plus Subscription Cost? 

Users can get a Snapchat Plus subscription for $3.99 per month, $21.99 for six months, and a yearly cost is $39,99. 

Snapchat Plus Gift

After getting a Snapchat Plus subscription, the user becomes a premium subscriber, premium users can gift a twelve-month subscription to Snapchat Plus to any one person from their contact list who is currently not using Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus continuously and constantly tries to update features of this paid version. At present, the following attractive features are accessible on Snapchat Plus.

  • BFF(Best Friend Forever)
  • Friends Solar System
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • Customize App Icon
  • Snapchat+Badges
  • Story timer
  • Capturing color
  • Custom chat wallpapers 
  • Gift Snapchat+
  • Custom bitmoji background
  • Story boost
  • prior story replies
  • Customize notification sound
  • Friend Snapscore change
  • Post view emoji
  • customize camera option

Although all the brand-new features of Snapchat+ are fabulous. Here, users are getting explanations of some of the outstanding features.

BFF(Best Friend Forever)

BFF(Best Friend Forever)

With the use of this exciting feature, users can choose one of their friends as their forever best friend. You can pin a single friend as your #1 best friend at a time. Users can avail of this feature by long pressing their friend’s name from the chat and choosing “pin as your #1 best friend.” You don’t need to be afraid of other friends to whom you are not selected as your # 1 best friend because this feature is private, and only you can see whom you pinned as your # 1 best friend.

Customize Camera Option

Customize Camera Option

The users of Snapchat Plus can click their pictures and videos with moderate animated buttons. Forget to tap the yellowish circle many times, now you can click your picture with a unique button, it can be transformed into a football, a dancing heart, or maybe a fidget spinner.

Story Rewatch Indicator

As a Snapchat Plus premium user, you can notice the emoji under the story which have been replayed by your friends. Besides the emoji, it clearly shows what number of friends watched your story multiple times. It doesn’t show the names of friends who replayed your story. 

Customize App Icon

Customize App Icon

Being a premium user, you have a choice of 40 different icons for your home screen. You may choose your favorite icon and customize your identity.

Customize Notification Sound

Customize Notification Sound

Premium users can set unique and special notification sounds for friends and family. With the use of this super cool feature, you know who is on the other side without picking up your phone.

Custom Bitmoji Background

The premium user of Snapchat Plus has the facility of using a special background like beach paradise and sparkling gold for bitmoji, as it’s widely used on Snapchat Plus.

Story Boost

Story Boost on snapchat plus

As a premium subscriber, you can avail this feature. This exciting feature boosts your story for 24 hours. Note down that you can get one story boost per week on your Snapchat Plus subscription.

Story Timer

As you all know, Snapchat stories expire in 24 hours. However, the Snapchat premium subscriber can set the story timings of their choice. They have the choice of setting up a timer starting from 1 hour to 1 week. 


Q1: What is the Snapchat Plus badge and what does it look like?
Ans: After getting the Snapchat Plus subscription, the user will acquire a black star icon beside the user’s profile name showing that you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber. It’s a black star badge ✪.

Q2: Is Snapchat Plus free?
Ans: Snapchat Plus is a paid service. Its monthly subscription charges are $3.99. Subscription charges may vary according to the device and country.

Q3: What is Snapchat plus the solar system?
Ans: This is one of the interesting features of Snapchat Plus for their paid subscribers. Users can choose their best eight friends represented by planet-like friend emojis and the user is the sun. their placement in the solar system specifies your bonding with your friends.

Q4: What is Snapchat Plus?
Ans: The Snapchat company launched a paid premium service for their users, named Snapchat Plus which allows the users to enjoy the new experimental features of the app.

Q5: Does Snapchat Plus remove ads in the app?
Ans: Although it’s a paid subscription but still you are compelled to see ads on Snapchat Plus.

Ending Lines:

Snapchat is trying to give tough time to its competitor in the market by launching a new paid and premium service like Snapchat Plus with a lot of new and super exciting features? It is a paid subscription that is available in the Snapchat mobile app.

Due to its customized and exclusive features most of the users have subscribed to this amazing service since its launch. It will be thrilling to identify how this premium product enhances and boosts the company’s net income in the upcoming financial report. 

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