How to Use Turnitin AI Detection as a Student in 2024

How to Use Turnitin AI Detection as a Student in 2024

Are you having doubts that your assignment has been carried out with a lot of AI written? Here comes the AI Turnitin Detection tool. Now, looking at how to use Turnitin AI detect as a student? Don’t worry at all! As we all know, AI technology, such as chat GPT, is expanding worldwide speedily. Therefore, the student has caught up in doing assignments with AI tools.

Turnitin AI Detection can determine the originality of content and notify any copied material in academic or professional writings, making them a significant tool for maintaining integrity and academic honesty.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know how to use the Turnitin AI Detection tool while providing our step-by-step guide and confirming the originality of the required documents.

Let’s get started!

About Turnitin AI Tool

About Turnitin AI Tool

Turnitin is an artificial intelligence-based AI Detection and plagiarism detection software accessed by schools and universities in order to check student assignments for originality. 

Currently, they launched their AI detection tool, which can detect 98% of AI-generated content in their report. 

Moreover, it compares the content of a submitted assignment against its wide range of databases of academic sources and other student work, looking for any similarities.

To use Turnitin’s services, you must consult your educational institution or organization to seek appropriate channels for getting authorized access to Turnitin or similar plagiarism detection tools.

It is essential to respect academic integrity and access plagiarism detection tools properly within the guidelines and policies made by your educational institution or organization.

Understand the Purpose of Turnitin

First things first, Turnitin is not meant to trap cheaters or punish students for plagiarism. Nevertheless, it is a helpful tool for students to improve their writing skills and avoid accidental plagiarism. 

With the help of Turnitin, students can identify the specific areas that require improvement and change them accordingly before submitting their final work.

How To Use Turnitin AI Detection Checker

How To Use Turnitin AI Detection Checker

To submit an assignment for AI writing detection on Turnitin, all you need to do is upload the particular document and wait for the generated result.

Step 1: Submit Your Assignment in the Turnitin AI Detection tool

You need to submit your assignment through the Turnitin Feedback Studio tool with Originality. After that, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Turnitin account and use Feedback Studio.
  • Upload the particular document you want to check for AI writing detection.
  • Once you’ve uploaded, click “Launch Similarity Report” to start the AI detection process.
  • Now, wait for the system to check your document (most probably, it takes a few minutes).
  • Then, analyze your report and look at the AI writing indicator on the right side of your screen (it is highlighted in blue color).
  • The AI writing indicator represents what percentage of your document is AI-generated.
Note:  It is important to remember that Turnitin’s AI detection model cannot determine misconduct but gives data for educators to make informed decisions based on policies and their discretion.

Step 2: Now, Go Through the feedback Report as a Student Submission

  • Use the student submission through the Speedgrader tool.
  • Besides the file download link for the student’s submission, you will view a colorful box with a Turnitin Similarity Score in it.
Note: The score display on your screen will not tell how much of the match is AI-generated versus matches with other sources. However, it is probably a submission that could have a low Turnitin Similarity Score and a high AI detection score.
  • Choose the score box to open the Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • Review a box with an AI detection score in it on the review panel in the Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • Now, tap on the score box to open the Turnitin AI Writing Detection report.
  • You will see in the report how much of the content of the document was generated by AI and provide other resources.

Step 3: Explicate the AI Detection Results Thoroughly

After analyzing the AI writing report, which shows the percentage of AI-generated text and where it appears in the submission, keep in mind that a high percentage may notify potential misconduct; it does not prove guilt automatically.

However, it only provides data for instructors and administrators to make decisions about authorship and originality. Turnitin recommends faculty interpret AI detection report, which is available only in English language prose and paragraphs, not for lists, outlines, short questions, or poetry. 

Furthermore, Educators must be aware that there is a big difference between the AI writing detection percentage and the Similarity score displayed in Turnitin’s standard reports. Therefore, institutions must test Turnitin’s software frequently through trial runs with samples having degrees of complexity and length. 

Points to be Noted that Turnitin Provides False Positives and Inaccuracies

False positives and inaccuracies are a common concern when accessing Turnitin’s AI Detection Checker. Although the system is created to detect AI-generated writing accurately, it can produce errors in identifying original work or flagged documents as suspicious.

In addition to that, Turnitin keeps the false positive rate below 1% for documents with over 20% AI writing. However, incorrect algorithms can cause legitimate content to appear as plagiarism, highlighting the need for an effective manual review process.


Q1: Can students access Turnitin AI?
Ans: Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention tool that all Purchase College Students and instructors can easily access. All you require is to be a current Purchase College student or instructor login in order to use the latest version of Turnitin via Brightspace.

Q2: How much does Turnitin cost for students in 2024?
Ans: Usually, Turnitin is listed at $3 per student annually.

Q3: How can I buy a Turnitin subscription?
Ans: For individual licenses, Turnitin does not offer individual license purchases to users. Many schools and institutions provide plagiarism detection services from Turnitin. You must ask your school or university first whether they are accessing Turnitin and if the service will be available to you under their license.


In a nutshell, Turnitin AI detection is an amazing tool that can assist students in improving their writing skills and avoiding accidental plagiarism. Understand the purpose of Turnitin and utilize it properly. It will review your whole document and tell you the score rate.

 In this way, you can make the necessary changes to your document and submit your final paper. Further, it also helps teachers to be aware of the authorship and originality of the documents.

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