Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT-Brief Guide

Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT-Brief Guide

Are you wondering how to get unnoticed by Turnitin AI detection or does Turnitin detect Chat GPT? 

The answer is yes. It can identify the content generated from chat GPT. I suggest you read the following article carefully before submitting your next academic assignment.

In today’s era, ChatGPT like chatbot has revolutionized the way one creates content. However, such advancements have also raised concerns (ethical concerns). To tackle concerns regarding academic integrity educators worldwide are using the new feature of Turnitin which helps them to detect AI-generated text or content.

What is Turnitin AI Detection?

What is Turnitin AI Detection?

It is an AI (Artificial intelligence) )-generated content indicator. In other words, it tells which written content or segments are generated from Chat GPT. It tells or states the overall percentage of the content that AI writing tools (like ChatGPT) have generated. It also highlights the segments of the text which it predicts are generated from AI.

Note: This is only accessible to instructors and administrators.

How Does Turnitin AI Detection Work?

When you submit your assignment or paper, Turnitin breaks the text into segments (roughly about five to ten sentences). In the next step, these segments are overlapped and analyzed with each other to get the context of each sentence.

These text segments are run against the Turnitin AI detection model and it gives each sentence a score (between 0 and 1) to find out whether it is human-written or generated by AI.

If the sentence is written by a human (according to the detection of a model) it will be scored 0. However, if the model finds that the whole sentence was formed by AI it will be scored as 1.

Then, the AI detection model generates a prediction of how much content has been formed by an AI chatbot.

(Note: the current Turnitin AI detection model can only detect written content from the GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 language models).

Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

Yes, it can identify the content generated by Chat GPT. 

The current Turnitin AI detection feature can detect generated content from the GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 language models. However, they are actively working on modifying the model to detect the content generated by other AI chatbots. 

Does Turnitin Detect Copy and Paste Content?

The answer is yes. Turnitin can identify copied and pasted content (If the source of the content is available online). It is also capable of detecting text from chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat. 

Limitations of Turnitin: Ability to Identify Chat GPT

There are some limitations to the capability of Turnitin’s AI detection model.

  • It faces challenges while detecting mixed-source content. It means that the content contains both human-written and machine-written segments.
  • In addition, there are frequent updates of GPT models. GPT-4 is expected to come up with improvements soon.

How to Use Chat GPT and Still Get Unidentified by Turnitin AI Detection

You can carefully use the following tips to get unnoticed by the Turnitin AI detection model:

  • Use ChatGPT to get feedback on your work. For instance, you can ask Chatgpt to review content for grammatical errors and suggest improvements.
  • Ask ChatGPT to give you a synopsis of long documents or extensive research papers, then reference it for your analysis. Now, you don’t have to read the whole content. 
  • Instead of generating a full paper or assignment, ask for guidance.
  • Ask ChatGPT to check and review it from your instructor’s point of view and make changes accordingly.  

Can Universities Detect Chat GPT?

Can Universities Detect Chat GPT?

Yes, today universities can detect AI-generated content. If an essay is from a chatbot like ChatGPT, it will be identified and highlighted by the AI detection model. 

Turnitin is already used by a lot of universities to check plagiarism, now they can also use it to identify AI-generated written content. 

Do Turnitin Detect All Chat Bots?

Under the current model, it can only detect the following language models (AI-powered writing tools):

  • GPT 3
  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4  
  • Bing Chat

Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT and Quillbot

Yes, Turnitin can detect AI-generated content even after paraphrasing it.

Keep in mind that Turnitin is actively updating its AI detection model so there is a great possibility that it can identify paraphrased content using Chat GPT and Quillbot.

Does Turnitin Automatically Detect Chat GPT?

Yes, now Turnitin has AI detection tools that provide teachers and professors with the score of AI-generated content found in the paper or assignment.


Q1: Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?
Ans: Yes, the Turnitin AI detection model can detect Chat GPT-generated content.

Q2: Can You Outsmart Turnitin?
Ans: Yes, you can outsmart Chat GPT by paraphrasing the generated content in your own words, replacing the sentence structure, adding synonyms, or adding a human touch by stating personal examples. It will help you make your work authentic and human-written.

Q3:: Does Turnitin Check Text in Images?
Ans: No. Turnitin cannot check for plagiarism or AI-generated content of the image. It only analyses prose sentences.

Q4: Does Turnitin Detect Translated Text?
Ans: If the ‘translated matching’ feature is enabled on Turnitin then it will identify the language the assignment or paper has been written in and the language it has been translated later.

Q5: Does Turnitin Identify Chat GPT?
Ans: Yes, Turnitin can detect the content generated from Chat GPT.

Q6: Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT if You Paraphrase?
Ans: There is some possibility that Turnitin could identify the artificial intelligence chatbot-generated content.


To conclude, the AI Detection model of Turnitin can detect the content generated from Chat GPT and other AI language models. Not only this, Turnitin is in an active modification state, which will help to identify the content generated by other chatbots. I know students love these tools to create their academic writing, assignments, and papers, but it is ethical and may result in serious consequences. 

Try using Openai / Chat GPT for assistance and guidance instead of writing complete content. 

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