Best Movies on Netflix January 2024

Best Movies on Netflix January 2024

As the holiday season is on and New Year is saying hello to the whole world while winter covers the trails of feelings. It is a great time to sit in your cozy warm lounge and watch a great movie either for some me time or with family or friends. Netflix is answer to all your boredom as it provides plenty of movies and shows to entertain you. So keep your pop corns ready while we tell you about the best movies on Netflix.

Best Movies on Netflix All the Time

Best Movies on Netflix All the Time

Netflix is the most popular streaming resource to watch films and shows here are some most loved movies of all the time:

  • Senior Year: Senior Year is based on a life changing event of a girl named Stephainie. She faced a misfortune which transits her life from a teenage to an adult. She goes in coma at the age of seventeen and comes out of it after around twenty years. Whoa! Right watch it and find out how she survived this transition.
  • The Man from Toronto: Herrelson and Kevin Hart being lead characters of the movie capture the attention of audience. The movie is mixture of comedy and action making it a hit for Netflix. The story revolves around the character Teddy who gets wrongly accused for a murder after losing his job. Later he is hired by FBI to solve the mysteries related to the case.  
  • Heart of Stone: Heart of stone became a most highlighted movie during its release. Gal Gadot represented the main character of brave and strong female action lead named Rachel Stone. The way storyline was presented increased the viewership of the movie. The plot of the movie is based on the mission of the Charter.
  • Red Notice: with hitting the 454.2 million hour viewership Red Notice brought itself into notice of millions of fans of Dwayne Johnson who played the role of an Interpol agent in the movie. The movie keeps twisting its plot with action, comedy and suspense.
  • The Adam Project: The time travelling plot twist makes it possible for a pilot to crash land and meets his younger version and together they work to save the future. This interesting story captures 157.6 million views and getting popularity every passing day. 

Best Movies on Netflix for Family

Best Movies on Netflix for Family

Netflix is fun on weekend when whole family sits together to watch something nice and heartwarming. Some great movies to be watched with family on Netflix are:

  • True Spirit: This movie is based on a true story of a brave sailor girl from Australia Jessica Watson who sailed around the globe at the age of sixteen. This movie gives confidence to kids to be daring in their lives . With the amazing cast this movie wins hearts of millions. 
  • Enola Homes: Be it an adult or a child everyone gets fixed on sofas when Sherlock homes story is played on the screen. Enola Homes is a refreshing aspect of Sherlock homes showing a young growing sister of Sherlock pursuing her career as a detective like her brother. Millie Bobby Brown playing role of Enola along with Henry Cavil as the famous detective of all the times.
  • Yes Day: Yes Day is the movie about a family who decides to say yes for everything for a day and they come across some thrilling and amazing events in the span of the yes day. It is a fun watch with family. 
  • My Little Pony: A new Generation: It is a fun movie to watch with children or teens. The movie shows variety of ponies and unicorn with different abilities they realize each other’s difference but later learn to live together with synchronization. The movie is full of cuteness and gets whole family to enjoy and sing the theme song all the time.

Best Movies on Netflix (Motivational)

There comes a time in life when we need some motivation and inspiration to go on with life and movie plays a vital role in motivating us.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: The pursuit of Happiness is a legendary movie which motivates to learn to fight with hardships of life. Will smith astounds viewers with his persuading performance as a father. He struggles to take himself and his son out of darkness and poverty to bring life back on the track after he loses his wife and everything.
The Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Swimmers: The swimmers is a sports movie based on a true story. Two swimmer sisters Nathalie Issa and Manal Issa not only save themselves with their skills but also motivate Syrian refugees to save their lives who were trapped in the middle of the ocean. Moreover, the two sisters take part in Rio Olympics games. 
  • Begin Again: Begin Again is a great movie which tells you how to bring back your life on top after a downfall. The movie is filled with lovely music and fun filled moments to relax your mind and take a restart in life.


Q1: What are the best movies on Netflix January 2024?
Ans: A lot of amazing are available on Netflix to watch in the New Year. Some of the recent released movies are No Hard Feelings, Family Switch, Bitconned, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and many more.

Q2: What are the best love story movies on Netflix?
Ans: The 18-year-old hacker who released 90 videos of an unreleased game is senteNetflix is overloaded with Romantic movies. Some good love stories available to stream are All the Bright Places , The Kissing Booth, Love at First Sight, The Last Letter for your Lover, Set it Up and much more.

Q3: What are the top Movies on Netflix?
Ans: The Adam project, Extraction , The Boss Baby, The Grey Man, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Murder Mystery, we can be heroes, The mother are some of the top movies on Netflix.


When boredom hits the mood it’s time to click the Netflix on and watch some of the great movies of all the time. Be it thriller, comedy , action or romance Netflix will give you plenty of options to choose the movie from according to your likeness and mood.

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